jqGrid Module  Few examples to get in instantly.


A jqGride module offer a powerful way to provide, collect and shear data with your users. jQGride is an suitable way to represent a tabular data and essentially bring to Joomla community the famous jqGrid plugin in most convenient and suitable form of module.

Few examples to take an idea of endless ways of module use: fast way to connect and update your store back end, costumers table, making polling, collecting users various inputs. Other example is creation of many recipes of ready to use micro applications for various needs.

A simple grid module example:





Styling with Theme Rollers

Few examples of using diffrent styles on same page

Humanity style:

Sunny style:

Cupertino style:

Blitzer style & more customization:




 Note: every hour site and database are reinstalled by cron job.


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